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Of Cows and Crime

It’s been a busy few months around here. I've been bottle feeding and gentling two calves (yes, our Pineywoods calf Clover needed a buddy), taming a feral cat, hauling donkeys, talking with farriers, and wrangling other critters. We tilled the gardens, planted crops, harvested them, and planted again. The weather has shifted from hot and humid to hotter and more humid. Cicadas sing at night as the fireflies dance, and the passion flower vines wander the fence with serpentine beauty, attracting rusty-winged butterflies.

I’ve squeezed in a little writing and editing time here and there. My current project is doing rewrites and editing on a full-length mystery novel set in America in the 1930s. I’ve always loved this period, in books and movies, and it’s been a lot of fun to write a story set in this decade. The two central characters are amusing me with their antics and it’s a fun challenge to get the period details right.

Two of my absolute favorite films are My Man Godfrey (1936) and His Girl Friday (1940). I love these two movies for their sparkling characters, humor, and entertaining plots. My goal is to have my new mystery series channel these things. I think I’ve hit the mark, as I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from readers, and I get a kick out of writing what these characters do to each other as they travel through the story.

Later this year, I will release the first book in my new series, Murder in the Ravine. The story revolves around two private investigators and a young woman who has gone missing in a rural New Hampshire community. I’ve spent a lot of time in New Hampshire and love the state, particularly the White Mountain region. I have experienced real-world landscapes and communities that serve as the inspiration for the places the characters visit in this book. I have changed the names, but I hope to convey the unique feel of these places in the story.

Wishing everyone a great summer and thank you for reading.



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