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New Release: The Curse of the Devil's Purse Inn

What starts off as a fun family vacation at the seaside Devil's Purse Inn turns sinister when Viktor Sanglier finds a missing werewolf pup in his closet.

With his famous monster detective father away on a case, Viktor takes matters into his own hands and tries to help the little werewolf.

But things aren't as they appear in the Devil's Purse Inn, and soon Viktor finds himself and his entire family in deep, dark, dangerous trouble.

With witches, ghosts, and werewolves, this humorous, action-packed paranormal mystery will delight. For ages 9 and up.


What inspired you to write The Curse of the Devil's Purse Inn?

I've always been fond of children's mysteries with fun and spooky twists. I loved the Bunnicula books growing up, the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? cartoon, and the like. As I got older, I watched The Munsters TV re-runs and movies like The Addams Family. There is just something about these fun, quirky, and humorous stories that I really enjoy. This book is me taking a playful stab at this type of story.

How do you pronounce the main character's last name?

Sanglier is the French word for wild boar (le sanglier) and you can hear how it is pronounced by following this link to Collins Dictionary. Roughly, you pronounce Sanglier like "SON-glee-ay".

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Reese's peanut butter cups. These do not last long in my household.

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