MARISA FIFE is a medical writer & editor by day and a creative writer by night. She's also an artist in her free time and enjoys living in a rural area where she raises various livestock. She has a professional background in science, veterinary medicine, and healthcare. #nerdalert

When not pouring over fascinating journal articles about the hottest new cancer biotherapy treatments or the impact of invasive Cane Toads on native species in Australia, her favorite things to write include mysteries, satire, and scientific non-fiction.


Marisa reads widely and particularly loves a good mystery or thriller set in the contemporary American West. Or some good old-fashioned hard-boiled detective fiction from the 1930s. Or a zombie action-adventure novel set in the contemporary American West with a hard-boiled detective from the 1930s.


Don't get her started on films because she also loves everything from Pixar to the cult-classic Army of Darkness (1993) starring Bruce Campbell. ("Give me some sugar, baby.") The famous film critic Roger Ebert gave it two stars, but Marisa gives the film a resounding five out of five stars. And if anyone disagrees with that assessment, Marisa will pull out her Boomstick to have a little talk.

(Please note: Marisa does not condone violence. There is a difference between fiction and reality. She's a peaceful person who wants herself and other people (including animals) to live long, happy, peaceful lives. And although she may sometimes write for younger audiences, she also believes that the type of media they consume should be moderated for appropriateness. However, if she's among fellow Evil Dead (1981) fans who are not children, the Boomstick is coming out).

Yeah, baby.

For those interested in writing or becoming writers, Marisa would love to talk with you. She is a member of several professional writing organizations where she spends most of her time lurking because she's unsure if other members will get her Evil Dead jokes. She's a firm believer in mentoring and paying it forward, so contact her or click here for more information.


While writing, Marisa often illustrates or paints her ideas. If you'd like to get started in art or chat about it, contact Marisa or click here. The curious winged creature on the bottom of this page is the Beast Monster named Chewie, which Marisa drew one day when she wasn't watching Army of Darkness or thinking about how gruesomely fascinating it is that Cane Toads have turned cannibalistic in Australia. Chewie is not in Marisa's Ninja Squirrel series but appears - and disappears - in other tales.

Marisa is always up for a conversation about giant toads, cannibalism, zombies, Pixar movies, biomolecular therapeutics, and/or fictional detectives, so don't be afraid to reach out.

Thank you for reading, and take care!



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