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I Was One of Those Kids

The one with the notebook. You know, that one filled with bits of writing and strange fragments of hands, or animals, or trees. The one who read in the library when all the other kids were at lunch. During class, my notebook margins took on lives of their own, and these worlds were made in secret, for if caught, you were usually singled out by the teacher for public ridicule.

I realize my teachers were trying to get me to open my mind to the world. Education is important. And I applied myself and learned. Yet I never could completely give up slinking off to secret realms, be it out in nature, or in a notebook. I have continued that practice today with the same joy it gave me as a child.

I hope you enjoy what you see here. If you decide to take it and use it elsewhere I only ask that you credit me by saying "Art by Marisa Fife". My thanks.































Does Marisa take commissions?


At this time, I am happy to donate my artwork to your project or your personal use for free. That is not because I believe art has no value, but it's because I can't decide what and how I should charge people, grin. If you would like to help me despite myself, please see this website's Shop.


I create art because I love to do it, it makes me feel good, and I love to see people enjoy it. The last time I was in a class for art was in High School. I am mostly self-taught. I learned and continue to learn by reading books, watching artists, practicing new techniques, and puzzling over art I come across in life. I struggle with calling myself an artist. And yet, it is a profoundly passionate part of me.


If you see something you like and want another piece similar to it, email me.

Ink, paper, digital. The Boy Michael Joy. Unpublished children's book written and illustrated by Marisa Fife for friends Rachel Joy and family.

Image Gallery

Ink, digital. Ninja Squirrel and Valiant (2019). This panel was created with a pen, paper, and then the photo edit option on my iPhone. It depicts a scene when I was storyboarding Ninja Squirrel and the Nut of Destiny.

Character sketch (literally) of Master Tomo, samurai rat. Created while storyboarding Ninja Squirrel and the Clan of Shadows (2019).

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