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New Book Release: Ninja Squirrel Series

I am so excited! After many years, multiple setbacks, one pandemic, and various Lemony Snicket-esque unfortunate events, Will and the Clan of Shadows: A Ninja Squirrel Adventure is finally here. And yes, I bought myself a new coffee mug to add to my massive collection of coffee mugs as a reward. Phew!

Here it is, compliments of Tractor Supply:

Now that I've released Will and the Clan of Shadows, I'm thinking of the next book. I actually have the third book in this series already written. The second is a few ideas percolating in the back of my mind, but I'm itching to get writing again. A few other projects I have going on is a historical mystery for adults, Murder in the Ravine, and a paranormal mystery also for adults that has a working title I'm not going to tell anyone yet because I don't want someone to steal it, grin.

I've also been auditioning voice actors for Will and the Clan of Shadows and I think I've found the perfect one for the job. Looking forward to his narration of my novel, I think he does an excellent job of bringing it to life.

That's all for now! If you're interested in purchasing a copy of Will and the Clan of Shadows, you can do so by clicking the button below. Available as an e-book now, and in the next few days the paperback and hardcover editions will be out. Date for the audiobook is to be determined.

Thanks for tuning in, and thanks as always, for reading.



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