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New Audiobook Release! The Woman in Brown & Other Updates

I wrote a bit in my last blog post about how much fun I had collaborating with talented voice actor Paige Reisenfeld on this project, and the fruit of our labor is now available! Listen to a sample in the video above, or pick up a copy here.

I received Ren and the Clan of Shadows back from the editor and have oodles of things to revise, so that will keep me busy the next few weeks. The second manuscript I'm working on, Sanglier Family Adventures: The Case of the Devil's Purse Inn, will be headed to the editor next week. If I can pry it out of my hands, haha! There's always time for just one more read or tweak, right? Right?!?! This is why I have glasses.

Let's see, what else is going on? I made the mistake of watching an episode of Stranger Things on Netflix and immediately got sucked in. I can't stop watching it. Then I outlined a darker sort of mystery/thriller story I've had in the back of my mind for a while. Which I might start writing in the next few months if time. I eagerly await several late summer/fall book releases: Laurie R. King's Back to the Garden, Craig Johnson's Hell and Back, and JK Rowling's The Ink Black Heart.

I recently read Gil's All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez and loved it. I've always enjoyed horror-comedy, and this book was very entertaining and funny. Next up for me is Terry Pratchett's Maskerade and The Stranger Times by CK McDonnell while I await those new releases mentioned above.

A few readers have left reviews on Amazon for my short story The Woman in Brown and I wanted to say thank you! And thanks to everyone for reading and supporting this nutty author going blind over her manuscript revisions. I hope everyone is having a safe and good Juneteeth weekend!

All the best,


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