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Book Release Updates

The Woman in Brown

Exciting news! We are this close *makes extremely tiny distance between index finger and thumb* to publishing my short story/novelette The Woman in Brown. I am waiting to receive it back from one last round of editing and proofreading, and then the story will be formatted into an e-book and launched. Hurray!

Further exciting news, I am interviewing voice actors to transform this e-book into an audiobook. This has been a lot of fun, and there is some stellar talent out there. Stay tuned for further details.

While you're waiting, enjoy the above and below new e-book glamour shots until I can give you an official release date for this title in e-book and audio format!

But wait, there's more!

Ninja Squirrel and the Clan of Shadows

For those of you patiently waiting for my kid's book Ninja Squirrel and the Clan of Shadows, I completed revisions again and it is back with the editor again. Another step closer to being published this year, woohoo!

And if you signed up for a free copy, don't worry! I haven't forgotten. As soon as Ninja Squirrel and the Clan of Shadows is launched, you'll find a free e-book copy in your inbox.

A bit of further news: After advice from the editor, this book may be getting a title change. Until the official title is released, I will still refer to it as Clan of Shadows.

Why the title change? Although this book is technically a Ninja Squirrel story, the story is told through the eyes of a young samurai rat-in-training named Ren, who also plays a very important role in the series later on. Stay tuned for a potential new title update soon!

For those wondering how a rat can train to be a samurai, the Ninja Squirrel universe is filled with anthropomorphic characters. Meaning, the rats in my stories walk on their hind legs, speak like humans do, and wear clothing. Think Disney animated films like Robin Hood, or Brian Jacques' Redwall book series, for an idea of these fun characters.

Illustration of an archer rat by Marisa Fife.
An archer rat by Marisa Fife

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