And welcome to my writing lair.


*evil cackle*

I wanted to make a little spot on my site for writers and those aspiring to be writers.


As many of us know, writing can be a very solitary occupation. And this is my introverted way of "connecting" with people. Online. Remotely. By Ourselves. In Our Own Homes. Okay, maybe occasionally we'll meet in person. Who knows? But only after we've been good and introverted and avoid-y for a while.

Anyways, I plan on using this space as a dropping-off place for helpful things I find while trundling along on my Writing Journey. I believe strongly in paying it forward and mentoring.


This writing stuff is hard, and sometimes it's nice to have a friend along for the ride.

Frequently Asked Writing Questions

Is there a potion I can drink to become a better writer?


Yes. It is called "coffee" (or "tea," but only if caffeinated). Joking! There is no potion that I know of. Writing is a craft. It is a set of skills to learn. Many excellent writers say that learning the craft of writing is a lifelong process.


If you're interested in becoming a writer or a better writer, there are a few concrete things you can do:

> Take classes

> Read books on writing

> Figure out why you want to write

> Figure out what you want to write

> Define your writing goals

> Study other writers

> Join a professional writing organization (or three)

> Network with other writers

> Have objective, knowledgeable, and helpful people read and give feedback on your writing

> When you're tired, take a break

> When you're frustrated, take a break

> Feed & exercise your body

> Get adequate sleep

> Practice good self-care in general

> Keep it in perspective


Where can I find a Beta Reader or Critique Partner?


I've had luck in the following places: 

> Through a professional writing organization

> On social media (Twitter by sheer luck, Facebook via Groups, Reddit by asking)

> Through writer friends I've met

> Family, friends, and other people I begged (love you guys! *cheeky grin*)



What is a Beta Reader or Critique Partner?

People who read and try to improve your stories before publication. 

Do you have any books you recommend to help my writing?

I have oodles of writing books I've found helpful.

Here are a few, in no particular order:


On Writing by Stephen King

The Elements of Style by William Strunk

Writing Science in Plain English by Anne Green

Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell

On Writing Well by William Zinsser