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Frequently Asked Writing Questions

Is there a potion I can drink to become a better writer?


Yes. It is called "coffee" (or "tea," but only if caffeinated). Joking! There is no potion that I know of. Writing is a craft. It is a set of skills to learn. Many excellent writers say that learning the craft of writing is a lifelong process.


If you're interested in becoming a writer or a better writer, there are a few concrete things you can do:

> Take classes

> Read books on writing

> Figure out why you want to write

> Figure out what you want to write

> Define your writing goals

> Study other writers

> Join a professional writing organization (or three)

> Network with other writers

> Have objective, knowledgeable, and helpful people read and give feedback on your writing

> When you're tired, take a break

> When you're frustrated, take a break

> Feed & exercise your body

> Get adequate sleep

> Practice good self-care in general

> Keep it in perspective


Where can I find a Beta Reader or Critique Partner?


I've had luck in the following places: 

> Through a professional writing organization

> On social media (Twitter by sheer luck, Facebook via Groups, Reddit by asking)

> Through writer friends I've met

> Family, friends, and other people I begged (love you guys! *cheeky grin*)



What is a Beta Reader or Critique Partner?

People who read and try to improve your stories before publication. 

Do you have any books you recommend to help my writing?

I have oodles of writing books I've found helpful.

Here are a few, in no particular order:


On Writing by Stephen King

The Elements of Style by William Strunk

Writing Science in Plain English by Anne Green

Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

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