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Helpful Books

The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature

by Ken Hultgren


Perspective Drawing Handbook

by Joseph D'Amelio



Constructive Anatomy

by George G. Bridgman


My Adventures as an Illustrator: The Definitive Edition

by Norman Rockwell

and Tom Rockwell

I believe that everyone can be creative

and be an artist even if they don't

believe it themselves

I plan on using this space as a dropping-off place for helpful things I find while exploring Art. I believe strongly in paying it forward and mentoring.

At this point, I have no formal art training besides a handful of High School art classes, books, and many hours of practice. I say this because I'm often surprised by how many people look at my work and say, "I could never do that". They don't know my humble origins.

In a way, you're right. You can't do what I do, no more than I can do what you might do. You will shape your art. And it will be unique because you are unique. You can copy my style (or lack thereof), true, but there will be a special twist to it that will always be uniquely yours.

This is why I believe that everyone can be creative and be an artist, even if they don't believe it themselves. If you're looking to be a professional artist (one who makes a living from their art), that might take some time, skill, and luck to do.


But you don't get anywhere by being afraid to take the first step, eh?

I encourage you to art. Try different things. Go with what you like and what makes you feel good. Don't listen to the naysayers. And if you want to pursue art professionally, talk to artists in the field and give it an objective look.


If you want to pursue art for fun, have at it. Even if what you create doesn't look as good as you want or someone else's stuff, there is value in trying and doing something new. And you may surprise yourself with what you can create.

So many aren't encouraged in "the Arts" anymore, whether it be acting, painting, music, or anything else under that sphere.

I encourage you to go on the adventure that is being creative. Of course, I can't guarantee you success, but I hope to give you the courage to try.


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