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The decision has been made. After conferring with all of my characters and other interested parties (primarily my dog Otis who was waiting patiently for me to feed him his breakfast) it has been decided that the first of the Ninja Squirrel books, the novella Ninja Squirrel and the Clan of Shadows, will be released as an e-book and now also *drum roll please* as a podcast.

And I am slightly terrified at the prospect.

Recently, I took one of those fun Myers-Briggs personality tests and discovered, unsurprisingly, that I am 89% introverted. This might come as a surprise to some because I can fake extroversion quite well, but when it comes to re-charging? Solitude is my best friend. Silence is golden. And the thought of speaking to multiple people that I can't see from a microphone for the first time?

I am anxiety vomiting in my mind.

Yet, at the same time, I think it would be a good experience for me because I am anxiety-vomiting in my mind. Creating a podcast is definitely outside my comfort zone and I think this is the precisely the reason I should try my hand at it.

When I was a teenager, I had a lot of fun baby-sitting my many (many) younger cousins and one of the primary entertainments we had was having me read them stories. They would become entranced as I read their favorite books aloud. There's just something more, something special, about reading a story out loud, something very fun.

This was one of my primary reasons for wanting to podcast Ninja Squirrel and the Clan of Shadows. Having a story read to you, especially in the manner the author intended it, can be a lot of fun. So despite my native queasiness, I hope to read the first installment of the Ninja Squirrel series to whomever is interested in listening to it, in the same manner as if I was reading it to my young cousins as I once did long ago.

Depending on editing time (and my struggles with editing) my plan is to have each of the Ninja Squirrel Podcast episodes released every 1-2 weeks. Each episode will be a chapter of the novella until the book is completed. If there is anyone out there listening, I will happily do a Q&A session at the end of each episode because that could be a lot of fun.

So stay tuned for details and as always, if you would like a free copy of Ninja Squirrel and the Clan of Shadows when it is launched this summer sign up here.

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