Author Down, Podcast, and The Great Ninja Squirrel Giveaway

Lots of not-so-great squirrelly things have being going on in 2020. But I hope the squirreliest thing of 2020, the soon-to-be-released Ninja Squirrel and the Clan of Shadows, will be a good memory from this year and not a not-so-great one. A burning question I have been frequently asked is when? When, Marisa, will Clan of Shadows be released?

Ha ha, I say. If only I knew the answer to that!

At this point, with the way 2020 has been going I am hoping for the e-book to be released anytime before 2021 and I shall count myself happy. I have had (along with many, many others out there) a series of unfortunate events happen in 2020 that have caused a few delays.

This past week I found out that my spine is broken in two places related to a recent injury I had. Don't worry everyone I am still walking around and getting into trouble just like my characters, but, this injury has absorbed a lot of my free time running back and forth to doctor and physical therapy appointments. It sounds more dramatic than it actually is and I'm hoping a little PT will fix me up in no time. No hospitalization has so far been required, thankfully, but my poor back is letting me know it is there and that it is very unhappy.

I am relieved my writing/drawing/painting hand has been wholly unaffected.

Not all delays were caused by doom and gloom, however. I started a creative business around my artwork (which you can check out at I have been behind-the-scenes learning a little bit more everyday about how to be an author, and how to run a business centered around the books I write, while honing my art skills for future illustration projects. Life has been good and busy in many ways despite the tumultuous year that is 2020.

I do have two fun things coming soon. The Ninja Squirrel Podcast will launch with some wonderful music by a very talented guitarist, Shawn O'Kelly, and (picture me rubbing my hands together with a fiendish grin) there shall be The Great Ninja Squirrel Prize Giveaway. (Which is basically my excuse to give one of you lovely readers a gift box as a thank you when you enter to win). Details to follow!

For all of you out there I hope you are well, I hope you are safe, take care, and thank you for reading.

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